Taken 3 - Adult Swim promotional commercial

Puppets are not just for kids, and you'll agree once you see puppet-Liam Neeson kick some serious ass in this this fantastic promo-commercial created by Cat Solen, Artery Industries and Adult Swim!

I tell ya, sculpting Liam Neeson's face ain't a bad gig! On this project I also sculpted Maggie Grace and a "generic cop head." I created silicone molds for each sculpt, cast them in urethane, then painted and prepped them for bodies and costumes. Artist Ben Bayouth fabricated the puppet bodies as well as the incredibly intricate facial and head mechanisms, while Costume Artist Valerie Keiser created the amazing miniature costumes you see on each character. 

Liam Neeson head sculpt

Maggie Grace head sculpt

Liam Neeson mold with urethane cast

Maggie Grace taking a nap before she gets her wig and costume.

Puppet wigs

There's something so satisfying about cutting expensive wigs into tiny pieces. I really love making puppet wigs and fur-covered creatures. The patterning process is fun for me because I like the challenge of precise seam lines, which allow the nap to look as life-like as possible. It's all in the detail!

Process: Liam Neeson's hair.

Liam's hair was created from four separate sections, perfectly fitted to the shape of the head and the natural hairline of the actor. I had to laugh at how much this puppet resembled Mel Gibson circa Lethal Weapon 1987, before I trimmed his wig! 

Here I am painting Liam...

Still, Taken 3 commercial spot