Pages from my Sketchbook

A small collection of pen & ink and pencil drawings...

Feeling heavy.

Wolfboy. Detail of an unfinished mixed media piece.

An almost-true-tale of morning cat-napping.


A stream-of-consciousness drawing, ink only. Inspired by moments with my husband Jack and the song "The Very Old Man" by Hum. Specific lyrics: "Another drink my love and make it tall enough so I can stand on it and see, all you've done for me." Skål!

Mandala. Meditation for weary hands and a weary mind.

A study from Sverd i fjell in Stavanger, Norway. These incredible sculptures tower 10 meters above your head as you stand under them on the rocky shore. 

Mask sketches for the two black, curving sheep horns I have in my collection.

Logo for Heretic Flicks LLC.